Add Your MLM Business For Us To Promote and…

Sponsor New Business With You As Their Referrer!

Our system works fantastic for any business that has Affiliated Marketers, not only MLM companies.  In order for any business to thrive it must provide its workforce the ability to attract new customers and build lasting profitable relationships. Dream Mail Marketer provides the Cutting Edge Training, REAL Marketing Technology, and Professional Relationships necessary to help people build successful businesses and personally prosper while doing so.

Currently, Dream Mail Marketer is in BETA. For a short time we are offering Founding Membership pricing at a HUGE discount for those who want to add their company to our marketing systems…

LOCK-IN Your Discount Pricing for a LIFETIME of Savings!


Become a Team Builder!

“Team Builder” is a special membership created for those who want to add a company to Dream Mail Marketer for elite promotion.


Team Builders get everything a Professional Dream Team Member receives PLUS


    • Team Builders are the preferred referrer for their company – This means that all visitors coming to the Dream Mail Marketers website looking to join the company you’re promoting and do not have a referrer will be directed to your marketing pages for them to join the company under you! 
    • You Get 5,000 Site Coins Every Month! ~ This Allows You To Send Up To 200,000 Delivered Emails Per Month or Use Them To Purchase Useful Products From Our Store. Site Coins Do Not Expire, Plus You Can Sell or Give Them To Other Members or Exchange Them For Cash Back!
    • Access To CUTTING-EDGE In-House Technology Platforms
    • Our Own Prospect Gear Software
    • EXCLUSIVE High End Training
    • Become An Instructor In Our Academy And Sell Your Own Training Courses!
    • REAL Marketing Tools
    • Professional Relationships
    • Access To Member Presented Joint Venture Propositions
    • We Build Custom Landing Pages And A Marketing Site For Your Business
    • Microsoft Office 365 + Complete Microsoft Enterprise Technology Suite
    • Sales Path Direct’s Client Acquisition and Relationship Management Suite
    • And More…

Special Admittance


That’s Right… We have our own weekly dividend program that pays members for using Dream Mail Marketers Services such as our incredibly high volume mailing systems, unlimited list size autoresponders, automated social prospecting systems, SMS Text Message Marketing Systems, and much more.

We send Our Own Prospects directly to you!

Our elite Team Builder subscription includes all the features and benefits of the Dream Team Professional Membership, but in addition all visitors coming to the Dream Mail Marketers website looking to join the company you’re promoting and do not have a referrer will be directed to your marketing pages for them to join the company under you!

An added benefit is that people seeking to join the Dream Mail Marketers website must be invited:  Dream Team Membership is by invitation only.  This means we send Our Own Prospects directly to you for enrollment in your business first, then you can invite your new recruits to join the Dream Team so that we can build their organization for them.

You will have your own customizable landing page with our lead generation system built in which we will be driving traffic to.  You will also glean viral traffic from the actions of Dream Team members as they use our system to generate leads to our site..

The Team Builder Program is only available for companies that are not currently represented by a Team Builder Member.  If you see your company already listed under the business that we promote, you can still subscribe for a Tri-Annual or Lifetime Membership in the Dream Team and we’ll automatically build your organization using Dream Mail Marketers business building systems.


$795.00 Set-Up
then $295 /month